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August 11 2016 0comment(s)

Wind Turbines and Sound: Separating Myths from Facts

Posted by Wind Works VT In Renewables

One subject that frequently comes up when we talk about wind energy is sound. Unfortunately there is a lot of misinformation spread on this topic. You may have heard that it will create a new mysterious illness, will hurt you or will kill all the birds. In fact, wind turbines won’t make you ill, and they won’t hurt you. As for birds, nearly everyone who truly cares about wildlife has learned from the overwhelming scientific studies, that climate change is their biggest ‎threat.


July 25 2016 0comment(s)

Vermonters Support Wind Power

Posted by Wind Works VT In Future

Welcome to Wind Works VT, a platform for supporting wind power in our beautiful state.

Vermont is frequently regarded as a leader in public policy. We were the first state to allow same-sex marriage, require GMO labeling,, and are widely regarded as an environmental leader. Wind power is another opportunity for Vermont to not only do our part by developing clean energy but to lead the way in transforming our energy system.


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