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October 07 2016 0comment(s)

Coming to Grips with Reality

Posted by Wind Works VT In Future, Press

This commentary is by Arthur Berndt, co-owner with his wife of Maverick Farm, chair of the Governor’s Council on Energy and the Environment, and trustee of the Maverick Lloyd Foundation. Arthur is board member of Wind Works VT.


September 29 2016 0comment(s)

Fossil Fuels Receive Largest Energy Subsidies

Posted by Wind Works VT In Future, Renewables

An oft-repeated claim by opponents of wind power is that the technology couldn’t exist without subsidies. Let’s take a minute to examine that as an argument against the renewable energy source.

A subsidy is a benefit given by the government to businesses, groups or individuals, usually in the form of a tax break. Subsidies are generally used to support a portion of the economy and often used to encourage new technologies and new sectors of the economy.


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