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Clean Energy Future

Why wind matters.

Climate Change is the single greatest threat we face today. The continued extraction, refinement, and combustion of fossil fuels contributes significantly to the degradation of our environment, and is negatively impacting our economy in Vermont. The good news is we have better options available to us today. Wind power is clean, renewable, and reduces our dependence on dirty, foreign, and increasingly expensive fossil fuels.

WHo We Are

Wind Works Vermont is a coalition of individuals and businesses committed to supporting wind power in Vermont. The majority of Vermonters support clean energy and we are working to ensure their voices are heard. The future of our energy system and our planet is at stake.

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Wind power is clean, renewable, and reduces the region’s dependence on dirty fossil fuels. As Vermont moves towards a future of 90 percent renewable energy by the year 2050 it is critical that wind play an important role in that transformation. I support wind power in Vermont.

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